Exchanging a worn out ball80 saves you up to 50% compared to buying a completely new coupling. Walterscheid offers an exchange service for the ball80 as a convenient all-in-one package.

After testing for suitability, we will exchange the ball80 within two working days for  aspecial net priceThis includes assembly of ball, retainer, cover and foam ring, an exchange protocol as well as pick-up service and transportation back to you (within Germany). For operations from abroad, the freight costs are determined and calculated separately. If the ball exchange is not possible for technical reasons, a replacement model will be offered at a special price. If a replacement model is rejected, the costs incurred for the suitability test and transport will be charged. This professional service is offered by the hitch systems experts of Off-Highway Powertrain Services Germany GmbH at the location Dingelstädt.

After carrying out training on ball exchange, purchasing the necessary technical equipment and acceptance on site, you can become an authorized Walterscheid ball exchange partner yourself. Use the contact form to inquire.

If you have any questions concerning hitch systems, please contact our experts under 
phone: +49 36075 57 30.

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