Implements at the ready!

Optimum adjustment: Walterscheid top links and lift rods get implements into the right working position. They offer various degrees of convenience and come in different performance classes – tailored to the different needs of farmers.

While mechanical top links with hook or eyebolt have to be set to the right dimension by hand, hydraulic top links are particularly convenient to operate: just set the top link to the required length from the driver’s seat – either with or without an attached implement. Leading manufacturers also equip their tractors with Walterscheid lift rods, which make for the right connection between lifting shaft and lower link. They move the lower links and are used to set the lateral inclination of the implement.

Hydraulic top links for all power ranges – The range of Walterscheid hydraulic top links completely covers the different requirements of modern agriculture. The key elements of all hydraulic top links from Walterscheid are not only high-quality cylinders and special sealing systems, but also the original Walterscheid hook and the pilot-controlled, twin-type non-return valve.

Twin-type non-return valve – Safe in use and gentle on the equipment! The technology of the hydraulic top link is based on a double-acting cylinder with twin-type non-return valve made of solid steel. The valve block locks the set top link length, even during extended breaks, and prevents the transmission of shock loads to the tractor’s hydraulic system.