New system for determining the maintenance intervals of PTO drive shafts

Previous maintenance effort reduced by up to 70 percent - Numerous detail improvements on all Walterscheid PTO drive shafts

"ServicePlus System" is the name of the new system of maintenance classes for PTO drive shafts now being introduced by Walterscheid. The system defines the maintenance intervals on an application-specific basis.

Depending on model, the maintenance intervals have been increased to as much as 250 hours. As a result, the previous maintenance effort is reduced by up to 70 percent.

In addition to offering ecological advantages due to using less lubricant, for example, the new system primarily reduces the amount of work involved and the risk of downtimes and stoppages. This extension of the maintenance intervals was achieved by improving numerous details of the components of Walterscheid PTO drive shafts. Optimised PTO drive shafts components are now used, such as improved cross seals and hardened profile tubes with special scrapers. A new basic lubrication system with high-performance lubricants is used on all PTO drive shafts.

Targeted maintenance, depending on application

The reduction in the maintenance effort is additionally achieved through application-specific use. Walterscheid is introducing Maintenance Classes to this end.

The Maintenance Classes distinguish between applications and PTO drive shaft versions.The applications are divided into two classes. W1 stands for less maintenance-intensive operations, such as grass mowing or maize picking. W2 encompasses more maintenance-intensive work, such as soil tilling and potato lifting.

The PTO drive shaft version is rated in the second step. A distinction is made between wide-angle and standard PTO drive shafts, depending on technical design. This results in the maintenance intervals for joints, telescopic sections and guards. The new maintenance intervals have been verified by Walterscheid in a five-year programme of intensive trials. An application-specific maintenance chart quickly reveals what maintenance is now necessary for the new Walterscheid PTO drive shafts.