Original spare parts by  Walterscheid –
Symbol of reliability

Many manufacturers with high quality standards commission Walterscheid to develop the drive train for their agricultural machinery. You can recognise our components by our embossed Walterscheid W diamond.

Look for this symbol of quality when purchasing new drive shafts or spare parts! Only with original Walterscheid products can you be guaranteed safety and ease of use and that your warranty will be honoured.


Since all Walterscheid components are perfectly matched to one another, they are guaranteed to work smoothly. You should, therefore, have your safety as well as the protection of your agricultural machinery in mind and purchase Walterscheid products.

Ease of use

You can custom upgrade or retrofit your Walterscheid drive shaft with individual components to increase its ease of use significantly, depending on the model. For instance, a closure is a detail of the drive shaft that is of particular importance to the user as it is operated frequently during coupling and uncoupling operations. Walterscheid offers a wide range of different solutions in this product category. Another option for you is to retrofit your drive shaft with cross kits with cap bottom lubrication and, thus, grease it conveniently through a small opening in the guard cone.


You will void your warranty if you use products other than original Walterscheid products.