Walterscheid® Lower link hook complete UHK-C1 Cat.1 - 1208552

Product number: 1208552


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Walterscheid lower link hook Cat.1. Forged from high-strength steel.

Product advantages

Suitable for absorbing high tensile, compressive and lateral forces
Centering bevels facilitate the coupling process
Safety lock prevents unintentional opening
Low sensitivity to dirt due to few components and dirt outlet opening
The locking pawl can be secured with a screw for complete locking
The scope of delivery includes a complete Walterscheid lower link hook Cat.1. All other attachments are not included in the scope of delivery and may have to be purchased individually or as a set (order number: 1208547).
The Walterscheid lower link catch hook Cat.1 is only suitable for tractors with an engine output of up to 40 kW (55 HP).
All components are designed specifically for the device and performance and it is not allowed to exchange for components other than those prescribed by Walterscheid. Damaged or missing parts can only replace with original Walterscheid parts and retrofit them in accordance with regulations and after consultation with Walterscheid.
The assignment, assembly and use of this model requires a detailed preliminary examination by qualified personnel. It is imperative to check the existing facilities and all of the machinery and equipment for their suitability for attachment. In particular, the characteristic values (e.g. vertical and pulling loads or torques) and the geometries (e.g. dimensions, screw hole patterns, free spaces) must be observed. Depending on the existing equipment of the machine, this can result in the use or purchase of additional components. The content of operating instructions must be observed.
Cat. 1
B (mm)
A (mm)
C (mm)
D (mm)
E (mm)
F (mm)
G (mm)
Power max. kW (HP)
40 (55)
Diameter ball mm

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