Changed DIN EN 12965, in force in the EU as of the start of 2021, ensures more safety for PTO drive shafts

As of the start of 2021, a changed European Union (EU) standard is in force. It applies to all PTO shafts brought into circulation in the EU that are installed in a main drive, along with their guards. The changes to EN 12965:2019 relate exclusively to main drive PTO drive shafts. These are PTO drive shafts that are used between the tractor or the self-propelled agricultural machine and the first fixed bearing on the driven machine. The changes meant that the locking mechanisms on the connecting yokes for PTO drive shafts in a main drive with a date of manufacture as of 2021 are no longer allowed to have any exposed or protruding components such as slider pins or exposed springs on the tractor and machine side. For this purpose, an "entanglement test" has been formulated together with manufacturers and work safety experts. Manufacturers are obliged to perform this test prior to placing their PTO drive shafts into circulation in the EU in order to ensure their safety.

Practical recommendations

PTO drive shafts produced before 2021 that have been checked as per the old EN 12965:2009 are allowed to be sold on the market and can even be installed at specialist workshops still. This means that PTO drive shafts with a quick-disconnect or flange yoke can still be replaced with the same model. All new PTO drive shafts produced as of 2021 must in the EU meet the requirements of the new EN 12965:2019. Walterscheid already completely implemented the new standard last year. All PTO drive shafts that are currently marketed by Walterscheid in the EU in the 2021 range meet the requirements of the standard. To further increase the comfort of your equipment combinations, we also recommend our Removable Implement Guard "RIG". The RIG greatly improves the ease of maintaining and mounting PTO drive shafts, which also contributes to higher acceptance of the use of the guard.

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